Be part of a very special tribute to music iconStompin’ Tom Connors.

Stompin’ Tom’s songs have become part of the Canadian cultural landscape. His legendary tunes celebrate everything from hockey to bingo to potatoes andhave made him one of the most important singers in our country’s history.  Stompin' Tom’s music continues to entertain people from coast to coast to coast with a sense of national pride that no other artist has duplicated. 

Across This Land in Story in Song is performed by Tim Hus and his band. This multi-media tribute will feature many of the songs that made Stompin’ Tom a Canadian treasure, and also will include stories of the incredible life of Stompin' Tom.

Hus is a celebrated Canadian western artist himself who proudly carries on the tradition of writing songs about working Canadians and Canada’s rich history. Stompin’  Tom handpicked Hus to tour with him, not only as his opening act,  but to play in his band as well. Hus performed at Stompin Tom’s funeral where he was also a pallbearer. He will share his personal stories of his friend and mentor Stompin' Tom in a can’t miss show of music, patriotism and board stomping.


I’ve been looking for 30 years for a young guy who’s proud to write songs about our country. I’d like to pass the torch to Tim Hus.

— Stompin’ Tom Connors