A must-see for Johnny Cash fans and country fans alike...

Be part of a very special tribute to the one and only Johnny Cash, a man, musician and American icon, personified the perseverance of the human spirit. His influence on the country music scene cannot be overstated. Cash’s music continues to inspire and entertain millions of fans worldwide.

Performed by Gene Gebo, a much admired musician and entertainer in his own right, this tribute will feature many of Cash’s number one hits as well as plenty of stories of Cash’s life.

Gene, who met Johnny Cash on several occasions, is an avid fan and holds his music and memory in high esteem. Gene says “the reason people are so drawn to Cash’s music is that it examines everyday life which people can relate to. He sings about the good times and the bad.”

Gebo has been performing tributes to Johnny Cash for the past 12 years including tours in Arizona and California.