The ultimate festival celebrating the greatest food on Earth...

 We're speaking of bacon, of course.

We're speaking of bacon, of course.

Let's talk bacon for a second

Since 2014, BaconFest has provided an annual celebration of the glorious, hallowed food of the gods, and since 2014, the celebration has gotten bigger and better.

In 2016, we partnered with Fort Edmonton Park, making our celebration of something awesome also take place somewhere awesome. Sort of like seeing The Rolling Stones in outer space.

We showcased 10 amazing local restaurants, a fantastic beer garden, and live music from Edmonton's best party band, the Mojaves Iguanas. It was, in a word we just made up, baconriffic.


 let's chew the fat

Want in on next year's BaconFest? As we head into the summer of 2017, we'll be looking for local restaurants and sponsors to help realize our vision of a bacon paradise to Edmonton. Interested?

Let us know!

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